The Arab Horse Society

of Great Britain

Registration Guidelines 2018

The Arab Horse Society covering certificate and naming form (lilac colour) is due back to Agriculture House this year together with the payment for your foal registration as soon as possible after birth please so that we can send you the DNA Kit, AHS Microchip, Foal Identification Form. Please note the DNA kit, microchip and ID form will not be sent before payment is received.


Pure Bred Arab, Anglo Arab and Part-bred Arab Part II mares or stallions for breeding. Please apply for a Mature Animal Identification Form from Agriculture House for your mare or stallion before you use them for breeding. It is not necessary for a vet to complete the Mature Animal Identification Form. All Part-bred Arab Stallions must be licensed by either the AHS or another recognised Breed Society.


All fees anywhere stated are inclusive of 20% VAT

1. Covering Certificate. Mare owners will have received a Covering Certificate/ Naming Form (lilac) at the time of service in 2017 signed by the stallion owner for their foal due to be born in 2018. This form should be completed and signed by the mare owner or authorised lessee as soon as possible after the birth of the foal and (within 6 weeks) returned to Agriculture House, together with your payment. It is the responsibility of breeders to ensure that their foals are microchipped to comply with DEFRA legislation. Please note the breeder of Pure Bred and Anglo Arab foals must be gold members of the society in order to register their foal.

2. Foal Identification. A Foal Identification Form, DNA kit and Arab Horse Society uniquely numbered microchip will be sent to you. The foal must be identified on the mare, have markings completed, mane/tail hair for DNA pulled and be microchipped by your Veterinary Surgeon.

Return the completed Foal Identification Form, DNA bag, any spare microchip bar code stickers (having kept one for your records) to Agriculture House as soon as possible. NB: It takes at least 6/8 weeks for the registration to be completed.

All foals must have a passport before 31st December in the year of birth and may not be sold without a passport except as a foal at foot with their dam. A horse may only have one passport. If a passport has been issued by another recognised breed society and the horse is also eligible for registration by the AHS, the AHS will overstamp the original passport as part of the registration process. If the accuracy of the pedigree needs checking, owners may be asked to obtain a photocopy of the Covering Certificate/Breed Papers from the Passport Issuing Organisation. The AHS reserve the right to decide whether to issue a Passport or Registration Certificate or to require further parentage testing.

3. Signatures. The signatures of the registered Owners/Agents or authorised Lessee (valid loan agreement lodged with the AHS) of both the mare and stallion are required on the Foal Identification form.

4. Geldings. In order to qualify for the reduced gelding fee, animals must be identified as geldings by the veterinary surgeon when the identification form is completed. If the animal is not to be gelded within its year of birth then normal registration fees apply. The AHS is unable to hold paperwork pending gelding. Breeders are reminded that it is their responsibility to comply with the law which currently states that a passport must be obtained by the 31st December in the year of birth or within 6 months, whichever is later.

5. Use of Imported Semen. The overseas Covering Certificate, correctly signed by the stallion Owner/Agent must accompany the AHS covering certificate.

For Embryo transfer please contact the office for guidance. Please note you will require an Embryo Transfer permit for each embryo.

6. Note for mare owners. Where using a stallion that is leased, mare owners may wish to check with Agriculture House that a valid lease is lodged with the AHS and that the Covering Certificate will be signed by the registered owner or authorised lessee. In some cases a dispute may arise where the registered owner refuses to sign and the foal cannot be registered despite the stud fee having been paid.

7. Anglo Arab and Part-bred Arab Foals. Where the dam (or sire) of a Part-bred foal is not registered with the Arab Horse Society breeders are reminded that they should send a photocopy of the sire/dam’s pedigree and accurate breed information with their application to allow full pedigree details to be included in the foal registration. Unlicensed stallions will be noted as such.

8. Premium payments will only be paid to mare owners if the foal is registered within 24 months of birth of foal.

COVERING CERTIFICATES are pre-printed and are only sent to stallion owners who have requested them on their Mare Returns and returned their Covering Certificate stubs for 2017. Covering Certificates are due out in February/March 2018.

If you have not returned your 2017 Covering Stubs, please do so now. Please send your 2018 Covering Certificate stubs to the Registration Office by 30th September 2018.

ANNUAL RETURN OF BROODMARES AND STALLIONS. It is an annual breeding record of mares and stallions and provides information for compiling the Stud Book. It is also used by stallion owners to order the number of covering certificates for the next year. It should be returned completed to the Registration Office by 30th September.

LEASING OF MARES AND STALLIONS - documentation required

Sadly, each year the leasing of mares and stallions leads to disputes and in some cases welfare problems and a lot of heartache. The Arab Horse Society has drafted a sample ‘BHS Sample Loan Agreement’ for leasing horses with guidance to owners to frame a suitable written agreement. Copies are available from Agriculture House. It is strongly recommended that anyone leasing a horse has a formal lease agreement drawn up signed by both parties and witnessed. A valid lease agreement signed by both parties must be lodged with the AHS to ensure registration of foals. Financial arrangements do not need to be disclosed


If you are intending to use your stallion for Artificial Insemination (AI) you will require an A.I. Permit from the AHS Registration Office and the stallion will require DNA /Parent verification on record. For those acting as agent for a stallion domiciled abroad, the AHS will require evidence that the stallion is in the current AI programme of the country of its registration – or the country of registration at the time of its death when post-mortem semen is used.

In cases where the semen is utilized in its fresh or chilled form on the same farm or facility where the stallion and mare are both present at the time of collecting, an Artificial Insemination Permit is not required


If you are intending to use Embryo Transfer to produce a foal you must obtain an Embryo Transfer Permit from the registration Office. The donor mare and stallion used to produce the embryo must both be DNA/ parentage verified and the DNA of the recipient mare must also be held by the AHS.


When purchasing a horse please ensure that you obtain a Transfer of Ownership form signed by the last registered owner (the last owner shown on the Registration Certificate). Purchasers are advised not to pay out money until they have:

  • The Registration Certificate;
  • The signed Transfer of Ownership for the horse; and
  • The passport.

These documents should be sent to the Registration Office with the correct fee to allow the transfer of ownership to be completed. It is also mandatory to complete any transfer of ownership within 30 days.

Please note it is ILLEGAL to sell a horse without a passport.


When purchasing a horse from abroad, please check that the overseas Registry has sent the relevant WAHO Export documents to the UK. The passport should accompany the horse at all times. On receipt of these WAHO Export documents the AHS Registration Office will send an Import Identification Document which must be completed by a Vet, a DNA sample bag and an invoice for the importation fees. Return completed Identification Form together with the passport and payment. The DNA comparison MUST be verified before the horse can be registered. Imported horses must be registered with the Arab Horse Society by the closing date of entries for UK shows. Allow 6 weeks for registration to be completed.

Racehorses imported and trained in UK for 2018 season must have WAHO Export Certificates lodged with The Arab Horse Society.  For further information contact Karin Swanson


When you have sold your horse, you no longer have to apply for an export certificate from the office, you simply need to send in the original Registration Certificate along with a completed Transfer of Ownership form giving the name and FULL address of the new owner and payment of the relevant fee before the horse travels. At the same time, please include the passport for stamping. (This will be returned immediately) Ensure you allow enough time for the passport to be returned as this must travel with the horse.

For current rules of registration please contact the office


The information supplied herein is believed to be correct but the accuracy thereof is not guaranteed and the company, its trustees and employees cannot accept liability for loss suffered in consequence of reliance on the information provided. Provision of this data does not obviate the need to make further appropriate enquiries and inspections.