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These are awarded to horses registered with the AHS that are sired by an AHS Premium stallion.

Calculated from points gained at EGB and SERC rides. These are the top 10.

1st Ty Shute Golden Savannah by Chatanz ridden by Saffron Bishop

2nd Krakatau by Sisyrinch ridden by Linda Cowperthwaite

3rd Mandarine by Sambist ridden by Kathy Carr

4th Hope by Chatanz ridden by Fiona Griffiths

5th D’Hab by Dhruv ridden by Antony Sargent

6th Yawl Hill Big Yin by Yawl Hillbilly ridden by Kirsty Wiscombe

7th Dizzy Miss Lizzy by Sisyrinchium ridden by Wendy Everson

8th Saphire by Sambist ridden by Lisa Wilkinson

9th Yawl Hill Freya by Yawl Hillbilly ridden by Kirsty Wiscombe

10th Kingsmeadowhouse Lomu by Al Sood ridden by Katie Sales

Highpoint first season Novice sired by a PPS stallion is 

Kaymeleon… by Kayeed

ridden by Carina Kane

FEI Highpoint horse sired by a PPS stallion is 

Yawl Hill Big Yin.. by Yawl Hillbilly

ridden owned and bred by Kirsty Wiscombe

Leading Premium Performance Scheme Endurance Stallion is 

Chatanz owned by Lesley Dunn, Warrens Hill Arabians.

To further its charitable aims of improving light horse breeding, the AHS runs a Premium Performance Scheme and identifies worthwhile performance stallions which Premium mare owners may use. They receive a financial Premium on registration of the foal. Non-Premium mares may be Nominated by the stallion owner and receive a lower Premium on registration of the foal.

Once under saddle, Premium progeny are eligible for a number of awards and trophies, including racing and endurance. There are currently around 20 pure, part-Arab and Anglo-Arab Premium stallions at stud, or available by AI, in the UK. For details of current stallions, which excel in a number of ridden disciplines,  visit the