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Part Bred Arabians



A Part Bred Arab can be of any size, colour or weight class as this depends upon the parentage.  It should be active and suitable for hard work.



The head – the overall appearance should be of quality and refinement with:

  1. an attractive large eye placed low in the head and with a good width between the eyes;
  2. the jowl should not make the head appear coarse or heavy. The muzzle should be fine with a large nostril;and 
  3. The throat should be fine and the set of head and necks should allow for proper flexion and the free flow of air to the windpipe. 


The neck should be of good length. A suggestion of a crest is permissible, even desirable, but the underline of the neck should not show overdevelopment.


The shoulder should be well laid back and the wither should be neither fleshy nor over prominent, running into a short strong back with well-developed loins leading to quarters that are long from hip to buttock and comparatively level. 


The tail should be a prolongation of the croup and ideally it should not be lifted or flagged. There should be a good depth of girth.


The limbs may be slightly finer than in the equivalent type in a non Part Bred Arab but the bone must be strong and dense, the joints large and flat and the sinews should be clean and well pronounced.


The feet should be neat, rounded and with a sufficient but not exaggeration depth of heel. The front feet should be a pair as should the back feet which may be steeper than the front feet.


The movement should be long using the shoulder freely and the action of the hind legs should match that of the front legs with the hocks showing active engagement.


The temperament should be equable but enthusiastic. 

Anglo Arabians


This should be intermediate between the Arabian and the Thoroughbred.  The horse should have the elegance, endurance and lightness of movement of the Arabian with the Thoroughbred contributing size and greater speed.



The conformation should be that of a Sports Horse with a height up to about 16.3 hands (63.55 cm). The proportions should be harmonious, the build fairly light with strong and correct limbs. The movement should be lithe and light and the horse should be able to gallop and to show general athletic ability.