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The AHS produces two full-colour high quality magazine each year, ‘The Arab Horse News’ in July and ‘The Arab Horse Society Year Book’ in December.

The Editor welcome news, photos and reports from members: e-mail:

Past issues of the Arab Horse Society News are now available. Please contact Agriculture House for postage details, or click here to purchase magazines from the web store.

Advertising Rates

Colour page £180

Double Page £345

Inside Front £450; Inside Back Cover £325

Page 3 £300; Page 5 £275

Back cover £575

Half page £115; Quarter page £60; Sixth page £45

These prices are for artwork supplied adverts.

For design required adverts there are two options:

1: basic layout which includes placement of text and two photographs, cost £15 per page

2. More detailed design, cost £30

Advertising Design guidelines

The following has been provided to help advertisers in preparing artwork and advertising components.

Artwork Supplied advertisements

This refers to any advertisements which have already been designed and are supplied in a suitable format to be inserted directly into the publication. Artwork supplied advertisements should be sent in digital format as either a PDF or JEPG file. These can be submitted by e-mail or on PC-formatted CD or DVD and posted to Windsor House.

We request that artwork supplied advertisements are supplied at the relevant dimensions (available on request) in CMYK colour mode at a minimum resolution of 300dpi at 100% of actual size. Proofs of artwork supplied adverts are not provided.

Design Required adverts

This refers to any advertisement which requires designing on your behalf. Advertising copy should be supplied in digital format; text can be supplied as either a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works document or as part of an e-mail. All image files must be sent separately and not in the text document, and must be supplied as JPEG files with a minimum resolution of 300dpi at 100% actual size. Logos should be supplied digitally to the same specifications. Original photos or logos which require scanning and hand written copy can be accepted but may be charged for. If this is the case you will be advised before any commencement of work. Proofs for design required advertisements will be e-mailed in PDF format; hard copies can be provided on request. A charge may apply for hard copy proofs.

Other advice and tips

Images taken from websites are likely to be low resolution and are generally not suitable for print. The measurement of resolution is based on size (dots per inch) therefore it is important that a file is 300dpi at the size it is required to be printed at. Doubling the size of a file with halve the resolution so a 300dpi image at 50mm x 50mm will reduce to 150dpi when enlarged to 100mm x 100mm. Digital proofs are usually supplied at a quality unsuitable for print. If you have been supplied a proof that you wish to use in an advertisement it may be protected by copyright and will not be suitable to print from. It is always advisable to supply components for design required advertisements separately and in the original format  and not altogether in a Word file. Images within a Word document are not suitable to high resolution print.


It is the responsibility of the advertiser/article author to obtain copyright permission from the photographer to reproduce photographs. The Arab Horse Society will not be held responsible for any photographs where copyright permission has not been obtained.