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Anyone who is sending documents to the Arab Horse Society for transfer of ownership, updating etc. for horses registered before 2015, please send them to our current address: Agriculture House, Charnham Lane, Hungerford, Berkshire RG17 0EY.  Please do not send them to Windsor House, Ramsbury which is now a private residence.


Membership Options

Please note that if you renew your membership part way through the year  it will expire on 31st December.

It is good news that the UK has been given Third Country status by the EU as far as all its Defra recognized equine studbooks are concerned. This means that all pedigree horses and ponies with passports issued by these Studbooks will be treated as 'registered' horses and ponies by all EU member states and can continue to be exported for both breeding and competition or training purposes in the normal way. Breeding products (semen, embryos, oozotes, zygoted etc) from such registered equines are also included in this recognition and can therefore continue to be traded in the normal way, subject to the usual veterinary requirements

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It is now Law that all horses must be microchipped.

Many horses born before 2009 may not yet have a microchip. 

The Arab Horse Society is able to supply the AHS dedicated microchips to all owners of Arabian, Anglo Arab and Part Bred Arab registered horses for £8.00 which includes postage.

Please contact the office on 01672 521411 Option 1 to request a microchip and pay for it. 

You will be sent a form which your vet will need to complete and which should be returned to the office at the address below after he/she has implanted the microchip


  • If the passport for your horse was issued prior to 2014, it will need to be updated with additional pages to comply with EU Regulations (this will be done for the cost of return postage) so please return it with the completed microchipping form. 


  • If the markings or colour of your horse have changed prior to its being microchipped, or if the horse has been gelded, please ask your vet to update the passport, then send it and the Registration Certificate for the horse to the Arab Horse Society office.

**The Arab Horse Society dedicated equine microchip is logged automatically for the life of the horse onto the ANIBASE and Arab Horse Society Databases.   The Arab Horse Society staff will upload the microchip number to the Central Equine Database as is required by law on return of the paperwork to the office.**

Arab Horse Society

Agriculture House

Charnham Lane

Hungerford, RG17 0EY