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Would you like to donate towards Arabian horse welfare?

Your donations to our Welfare fund are much appreciated. The AHS donates funds to many other Charities who in turn are helping our breed.  We list many useful contacts who at some stage have all helped the breed and for that we are extremely grateful.

One of the charitable aims of the Society is the welfare of horses and ponies.  

Mrs Ann Green is the Society Welfare Officer and can be contacted on 07803 128235.

In 2016 the Society supported the following organisations in their welfare work with Arabian Horses and their derivatives. 

World Horse Welfare 
Bransby Horses

In addition a small donation was  made towards the rescue cost of some Arabian horses. 

Owning and caring for a horse can be a source of great enjoyment but is also a big responsibility with a long-term caring and financial commitment. The Animal Welfare Act 2006 requires you to ensure that any horse, pony, donkey or mule for which you are responsible, whether on a permanent or a temporary basis:

  • has a suitable environment to live in;
  • has a healthy diet;
  • is able to behave normally;
  • has appropriate company; and
  • is protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

Loaning Horses

This can be a useful arrangement if approached in a professional manner; here are a few simple guidelines to avoid potential problems:

  • Personally visit the stables where you intend to send the horse, do not reply on a third party;
  • Draw up an arrangement for both parties to sign (even if it your best friend!) to include;
  • Purpose of loan - breeding, riding and any restrictions of use
  • Insurance details
  • Responsibility of costs e.g. vets, worming, farrier etc;
  • Details of any payments
  • length of contract and purpose
  • Visiting rights
  • Ask for references;
  • Photograph your horse before it leaves as proof of its health and condition; and
  • Any equipment should be well labelled and an inventory drawn up with copies to both parties.
A sample loan agreement can be found on the BHS Website by clicking
BHS Sample loan agreement

Loan agreements can be registered at Windsor House.

Sending horses for Training/ Showing either Under Saddle or Inhand

Owners who send their horse to a training yard to be produced in-hand or under saddle, are responsible for the welfare of their own horse; personally check on a regular basis that their horse is well cared for and happy and ensure you have a contract drawn up between the trainer and yourself. Many of the details/checks listed for loaning a horse are equally applicable to those going for training or show production.


Here are two leaflets produced by the National Welfare Council that offer some practical support

Obesity is becoming a major concern; many people are unaware of the suffering and welfare issues it can cause horses and ponies. Attached are two fact sheets produced by the World Horse Health that members may find of interest.
Responsible Breeding
A useful article on responsible breeding.


This is not an easy subject at any time, please read this article written for the AHS; its aim is to help members make an informed decision.

Click here for a list of some Licensed Horse Slaughters throughout the UK and a link to the Hunts Directory of the UK.

Useful Contacts (click on the links below)

World Horse Welfare Organisation Telephone 08000 480 180


RSPCA    Emergency line 0300 1234 999

National Foaling Bank   Telephone 01952 811234 anytime

The Welfare Function of the Arab Horse Society
The Welfare Function of the Arab Horse Society