The Arab Horse Society

of Great Britain



Chairman                                  Mrs. Annette Dixon
Vice Chairman                          Mrs. Joanne Lowe
Hon. Treasurer                           Mr Alastair McLeod

Retire at the 2020 AGM:
  Mrs Joanne Lowe
  Mrs D Whittome
  Mrs F Grant-Chivers

Retire at the 2019 AGM:
  Mrs Annette Dixon

  Mrs. Natalie Meredith

  Mrs. Jayne Armstrong

  Mrs. Judy Phillips (resigned May 2017)

Retire at the 2018 AGM:

  Mrs Anne Brown
  Mrs Carolyn Kokta (resigned April 2017)
  Mrs Joanna White
  Miss Katie Gore

Co-opted and retire at the 2018 AGM:
 Mr Alastair McLeod
 Mrs Irene Compton
 Mrs Jean-Mary Crozier

Directly elected to:

Stud Book and Registration Committee

Mrs Sue Woodhouse  (retires at the 2020 AGM)

Mrs Caroline Sussex  (retires at the 2019 AGM)

Mrs Fiona Leng          (retires at the 2019 AGM)

Shows and Events Committee

Mrs Nicola Mellor        (retires at the 2019 AGM)

Mrs Felicity Harper      (retires at the 2019 AGM)

Public Relations and Marketing

Mrs S Melia     (retires at the 2020 AGM)

Honorary President 2017/18                       Mrs Joan Woodward

Honorary President Elect                               Mr Peter Upton

Governors of the Arab Horse Society


            HRH The Princess Alia Al Hussein of Jordan

            HRH The Princess Muna Al Hussein of Jordan

            Mr. D. Angold                                             Mrs. J. Maxwell

            Mrs. R. G. Archer                                      Mr. A.R. McLeod

            Mrs. D.M. Campbell                      

            Mrs J. Ratcliff                                                                 Lady Miranda Emmet                                 Mrs. J.R. Roberts

            The Hon. FB Guinness                             Mrs. J.F.D. Trimingham

            Mr.s E A Hedley                                        Mrs. D. Whittome

            Mr. P. T. Upton                                          

Patrons of the Arab Horse Society

HRH Princess Michael of Kent

HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

HRH Princess Alia Al Hussein of Jordan